Our Story

Our Story

Seven years ago, Ken Rosenblood woke up from shoulder surgery and was faced with a stark new reality. Doctors informed him that unless he completely transformed his posture, he would find himself right back in the hospital, but this time for a shoulder replacement, orthopedic neurosurgery, or both. As a lifelong student of psychology, Ken’s first thought was not, “I better invest in brace,” but instead, “how can I condition myself to sit up straight at my computer?” From this, obVus Solutions was born.

        Ken embarked on a journey that led him far beyond the confines of posture. He realized that posture is connected to movement, which is connected to taking breaks, which is all supported by breathing. What initially began as an attempt to condition himself so he could avoid getting major surgery turned into something much bigger. He is now on a mission to help not just himself, but an entire population of people hunched over their screens by increasing mindfulness of the conditions and behaviors that affect their health.

        While on this mission, Ken unearthed an idea that is at the forefront of modern medicine. The biggest effect we can have on healthcare is not by creating a new drug or surgery, but rather by proactively addressing simple habits and behaviors in healthy people. Habits like good posture and proper breathing are gateway victories to the achievement of overall wellness. obVus Solutions is spearheading this movement. Learn more about our specific products and coaching by searching through our website.

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Begin the journey to improving your posture, breathing, and overall wellness with the help of obVus. Our expertly designed live well and work well products are made to fit into your life with minimal effort needed.

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