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Download and Install the App
  • Connect your AirPod Pros
  • or Apple Watch
    • Choose to connect your AirPods or Apple Watch
    • Calibrate by taking a few deep breaths
    • You’re now ready to improve your posture
      and mindful breathing!
    STEP 3:
    Mind Your Posture
    • minder’s patented technology alerts you through visual, sound and/or vibrating signals to help mind your posture
    • Real-time visual feedback shows when you are slouching in any direction, coaching you back to a healthy posture
    • A better posture can reduce neck and back pain and improve self-esteem.
    STEP 4:
    Mind Your Breath
    • Exclusive to minder! Patented biofeedback technology
      visually displays your breath (Not available in any other
      meditation or mindfulness product or mobile app)
    • Your Breathe Circle will expand when you inhale and
      contract when you exhale, but only when you breathe
      correctly using your diaphragm
    • Breathing exercices can reduce stress and improve focus and productivity.
    STEP 5:
    Mind Your Movement and Track Progress
    • minder’s mobile app serves up appropriate activities to help you
      stay mindful of movement. New activities are added regularly to
      provide unlimited opportunities to keep you healthy
    • Connects to Apple Health Kit to keep all of your vital data in
      one intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. See your weekly and
      monthly progress
    • Customize minder to meet your needs. Personalized settings for
      posture, breathing, ME/Mos, goals and notifications

    For the Best Experience. Get the minder Accessory Kit