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Our goal is to curate bite size content from the most experienced industry professionals. These mini audio and video segments (max 5 min) or ME/mos will provide our clients with practices and motivation to change their behaviors and lives. Our patented breathing and movement technology can help you create great promotional segments. (Monetization options available)

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Your branded content will reach a large targeted client base eager to meet their health goals. We promote and share your social media handles to grow your business at no cost to you.

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Juggling schedules and offering personalized client relationships is hard enough without thinking about how to market your practice. Let minder become an additional resource to acquire new clients to expand your practice.

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May help with the symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, stress and pain associated with anxiety and bad posture.

Webby Awards

obVus Solutions wins a Webby Award for Best App and Wearable


Elevate your laptop to eye level with the best laptop stand available to the market.


Ergonomically a must have to fix your posture. Perfect for a lifestyle on the go or at home office.


Extremely useful for remote workers or someone looking to upgrade their office.