Support Your Clients with Award Winning Technology!

September 7, 2021

Support Your Clients with Award Winning Technology!

Content by Erin Litton MA, MCHES, NWHBC

The Essence of Health Coaching

The concept of health coaching pulls together the best of client connection and collaboration. Engaging people where they are at with empathy and understanding is foundational to cultivating success in any arena. minder® by obVus Solutions is here to support that process for both the coach and client in one simple app. It is award winning well-tech, to realize your well-being. minder can help your clients activate and maintain healthy habits surrounding posture and breathing, hydration and breaks. How does technology support the relationship and connection between the coach and client?

A study published in October 2019 highlighted the connection between health coaching and technology for Type II Diabetes Management. This study found there were enhanced perspectives about living with diabetes, increased awareness of how health behaviors influence DSM, improved support, and increased ownership of their diabetes management. This study highlighted some general themes that coaches can engage with for the betterment of their client outcomes.

Look Around

Enhanced perspectives about living with their current wellness challenges. 

Using technology, we can ask clients to look at the big picture. We can track observations and acknowledge the things that make their health goals challenging. When using a diary tool or function (See minder® Diary on the minder app) where we can identify how emotions influence behavior throughout the day, we are able to be curious about what those influences are and how they may actually be helping or hurting the change process.

Look In

Increased awareness.

What does our actual behavior look like and how does this influence our goals? Unless you are paying attention, it is easy to miss the subtleties of behavior. Sitting too long, not taking breaks that support mental sharpness, or even ignoring water are all simple examples of how we can sabotage our goals and not even know it. What happens when we are reminded to engage our breath or take a ME/mo (a ME moment just for ourselves)? Remembering our goals and how we want to accomplish them serves our long term success!

Get Connected

Improved Social Support

As a coach, providing real time feedback allows your coaching influence to be meaningful and builds conscious raising with our clients. If they know their coach can see their engagement with their health goals, then a client never feels alone. In all my years of practice, clients have often said, “Coach, I thought of you” or “I knew I would have to tell you.” What would it look like if the client didn’t have to wait until their next session or send an email, rather, I was with them the entire time?

Own Your Outcomes.

Increased ownership of health goals.

When tracking and tracing behavior, outcomes are connected to those behaviors. Clients get to own their success immediately as they see how the multiple steps of change supported their success. Furthermore, if outcomes are not realized, the blueprint is visible and makes changes easier because knowing what doesn’t work is part of the process.

Technology has the opportunity to enhance Health Coaching. Getting clients to look around, look in, get connected, and own outcomes improves the impact coaching has on health behavior change. Adding technology to your practice should not add more time to managing your business, it should be simple so both coach and client get the best results! With minder, you can improve your client’s well-being by monitoring their journey and tracking their individual plans and progress.

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