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The spark behind obVus

The conversation that started it all…

obVus Solutions founder, Ken Rosenblood, woke up from shoulder surgery and faced a terrifying new reality. His doctor informed him that unless he completely transformed his posture, he would find himself back in surgery. A naturally curious lifelong learner and problem solver, Ken’s first thought was not, “I better invest in a brace,” but instead, “How can I positively condition myself to sit up straight while on my computer screens all day?”

The start of obVus

After researching the main causes of back pain, Ken learned that posture is connected to movement and mindful breathing. A fact most medical professionals know yet fail to mention prior to offering medication or surgery as a solution. Medical intervention alone will not save you from a sedentary lifestyle, however proactively addressing your lifestyle choices and adopting simple positive habits can significantly improve your quality of life. This realization inspired Ken to create obVus, the one stop shop for wellness knowledge and products.

A mission to spread mindfulness

Ken is now on a mission to help transform the lives of everyone who spends their time hunched over screens by increasing their mindfulness of behaviors and habits that affect their posture, breathing, and overall well-being.

We’re here to support everyone to work well everywhere.
Ken Rosenblood
obVus Solutions Founder & CEO
obVus Solutions CEO

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Begin the journey to improving your posture, breathing, and overall wellness with the help of obVus. Our expertly designed live well and work well products are made to fit into your life with minimal effort needed.

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May help with the symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, stress and pain associated with anxiety and bad posture.

Webby Awards

obVus Solutions wins a Webby Award for Best App and Wearable


Elevate your laptop to eye level with the best laptop stand available to the market.


Ergonomically a must have to fix your posture. Perfect for a lifestyle on the go or at home office.


Extremely useful for remote workers or someone looking to upgrade their office.