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Harris St Laurent Law Minder Laptop Tower Stand

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$ 74.99


Ergonomic. Detachable. Lightweight. Simple Installation.

Experiencing lower back and neck pain from hunching over a screen for hours on end?

Transform your laptop into an ergonomically-friendly setup to promote healthy posture and reduce back and neck pain.

  • Bring your laptop to eye-level while at your workstation   
    Adjust your laptop to any height between 2" to 21"
  • Optimization and comfort  
    Flexibility and customization in angle tilt and height allows every individual to achieve the most optimal and comfortable laptop position 
  • Bring your ergonomic setup wherever you go   
    Sleek and modern design that is easily transported and saves space at your workstation
  • Reliable and efficient   
    Trust that your laptop is in good hands with our aluminum build that provides a sturdy structure and surface and our ventilation design that reduces laptop overheating and improves functionality