Who We Are

obVus Solutions [ob-vee-uhs] is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness company on a mission to provide tools, insight, and coaching to support healthy behavior and lifestyle changes.

We have created a fully integrated platform to help people take control of their health and wellness. Our first solution, minder® for Apple Watch, is a 4x patented wearable device and method which coaches the core habits of posture, breathing, and purposeful breaks.

Writing About Us? Experience It For Yourself.

Pre Covid-19, more than 1.3 billion people globally were getting over 11 hours of screen time each day. The consequences of this tech-laden lifestyle include stress, poor posture, poor nutrition, inactivity, poor sleep and a general lack of mindfulness, and have all led to an increase in chronic illnesses.

Technology is not going away. Learn how to reverse this trend. Leverage technology to increase mindfulness and adopt better behavior around your health.

Our Story

"I woke up from shoulder surgery and realized I was going to have to make some substantial life changes, starting with fixing my posture. My immediate thought was 'how can I condition myself to sit up straight at my computer?' And it just spiraled from there..."

-Ken Rosenblood, Founder and CEO

Our Milestones

August 2013: Ken wakes up from shoulder surgery and has an idea

October 2015: File Date for First Patent

September 2017: Obtained First Patent for Posture Improvement Device System and Method

September 2018: Obtained Second Patent for Posture & Deep Breathing Improvement Device System & Method

September 2018: Won Best Mobile Product at the 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards

November 2018: Medical Advisory Board Formed

June 2019: Obtained Third Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method

May 2020: Obtained Fourth Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method

August 1, 2020: minder for Apple Watch Release Date


Our Team

Our Products

minder® for Apple Watch

minder® for Apple Watch is a 4x patented wearable device and UX which utilizes real-time biofeedback to visually condition healthy posture and mindful breathing. It is the first health and wellness wearable designed to be worn on multiple locations on the body for increased functionality and improved accuracy. It monitors healthy and optimal postural positions, respiratory patterns, heart rate, activity, and skin temperature, providing insight into key health metrics.

Laptop Tower Stand

There is no healthy way to work on a laptop. That is, a laptop without a stand. We understand how convenient they are, so we created a stand so you can continue using your laptop, but in a way that is not detrimental to your posture.

Coming soon...

In September 2020, we will release our second solution for your health and wellness journey: minderPRO health coaches. This platform allows certified health coaches and physicians to personalize a wellness program for every person using minder. The platform has two interfaces, one for the wearer (mindee) and one for the health coach. The health coach has real-time insight into vital health information of the mindee and a two-way private communication tool between them.

obVus Solutions’ minder®, was recently honored with Best Mobile Product at the 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards, which honors innovation and leadership in all things mobile technology, entertainment and lifestyle.

''minder is a practical tool that seamlessly integrates into our existing smart device ecosystem, working in the background so we can fully participate in our lives... I feel like I have finally found a solution for my patients that will work.” -Ingrid Yang M.D.

"I was attracted to obVus Solutions because of its unique combination of posture training and mindfulness combined with coaching and essential lifestyle medicine principles, which is something I have yet to see in a wearable device or any other product.” - Beth Frates M.D.


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