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Mar. 2021

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Mar. 2021

obVus Solutions’ advisor Dr. Yang on stress and breathwork
Feb. 2021

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Nov. 2020

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minder for Apple Watch is a Webby Nominee in Apps and Software

  • 04/2021 -Connected Products & Wearables (Click here to vote for us: Official Listing)



  • Dec. 2021 - Obtained Sixth Patent for Posture Improvement Device, System and Method
  • Oct. 2020 - Obtained Fifth Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device, System and Method
  • Aug. 2020 - minder for Apple Watch Release Date
  • May 2020 - Obtained Fourth Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method
  • Jun. 2019 - Obtained Third Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method
  • Nov. 2018 - Medical Advisory Board Formed
  • Sep. 2018 - Obtained Second Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method
  • Sep. 2017 - Obtained First Patent for Posture Improvement Device System and Method
  • Oct. 2015 - File Date for First Patent
  • Aug. 2013 - Ken wakes up from shoulder surgery and has an idea

Our Ecosystem

minder® for Apple Watch

minder® for Apple Watch is a 6x patented wearable device and UX which utilizes real-time biofeedback to visually condition healthy posture and mindful breathing. It is the first health and wellness wearable designed to be worn on multiple locations on the body for increased functionality and improved accuracy. It monitors healthy and optimal postural positions, respiratory patterns, heart rate, activity, and skin temperature, providing insight into key health metrics.

Laptop Tower Stand

There is no healthy way to work on a laptop. That is, a laptop without a stand. We understand how convenient they are, so we created a stand so you can continue using your laptop, but in a way that is not detrimental to your posture.

Laptop Tower Stand 2.0

An improved version of our award-winning laptop tower stand with two devices in one for an ergonomically-friendly setup with everything you need at your fingertips. Includes a separate adjustable phone holder for a vertical or horizontal usage.

Ergonomic Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

Switch through 3-Devices for Macs, iPhones,
Android Phones, PCs and tablets

The smooth action bluetooth keyboard allows for an effortless typing experience 100% similar to a standard keyboard. Our unique ergonomic technology provides responsive keystrokes on the lightest touch relieving any unneeded stress while typing for a seamless experience.


This platform allows certified health coaches and physicians to personalize a wellness program for every person using minder. The platform has two interfaces, one for the wearer (mindee) and one for the health coach. The health coach has real-time insight into vital health information of the mindee and a two-way private communication tool between them.