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For motivated licensed Health and Wellness Coaches, who believe that a mindfulness centered approach utilizing strong MI skills, proven behavioral change techniques and technology will power the future of health coaching. Effectively addressing each client's unique behavior and creating a vision, goals and plan will drive better outcomes and a thriving practice.

Healthcare Needs Disruptive Change

The combination of technology, improved relationships, better insights and your innovative practice can illuminate a path to wellness for your patients and clients.



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Why Choose obVus Solutions?

Expand Your Clientele

We know you didn't dedicate years of study to spend your time on marketing emails and newsletters.

As a minderPRO you'll be provided with a stream of prospects to grow your business. Everyone who purchases minder is a potential client for our network of coaches.

Backed by medical science and not a fad, by incorporating minder into your practice, you’ll be able to create lasting relationships, deliver results and solidify your business.

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Make Your Clients' Visions Reality

MinderPROs improve their relationships with their clients and most importantly, increase the probability of achieving lasting change.

The minderPRO HIPAA Compliant Communication Platform helps you manage the progress of individual clients and keep tabs on your overall client portfolio.

Business Support

The minderPRO platform helps you manage your business, optimizing your schedule and downtime.

We take care of all back office support so you can focus on what you do well, spending time with clients to make meaningful and lasting change.

You'll reap the benefits of your work both professionally and economically.  

Ultimate Flexibility

Be your own boss!

Work from your home or office, you manage your time and practice to fit your lifestyle.

obVus Solutions provides the tools for you to be a success!

Join the Revolution

Are you currently a health coach or other licensed healthcare professionals interested in becoming a minderPRO ?

Are you a physician, chiropractor or other health professional interested in incorporating health coaching to your practice?

Upon certification and training, MinderPROs will provide mindees a minder device and manage their health goals via a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based tool.


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Take Your Next Step with obVus

Begin the journey to improving your posture, breathing, and overall wellness with the help of obVus. Our expertly designed live well and work well products are made to fit into your life with minimal effort needed.

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What Others Think

May help with the symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, stress and pain associated with anxiety and bad posture.


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Extremely useful for remote workers or someone looking to upgrade their office.