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Posture, Breathing, and Breaks

for Apple Watch

Healthy Posture

conditions active and healthy supported posture utilizing real time visual, haptic and audible feedback.

Build your core strength and decrease back pain while you work.

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Mindful Breathing

is the ONLY device that conditions a coordinated Diaphragmatic breath utilizing visual Biofeedback.

Our patented technology shows the cadence and quality of YOUR breath in real time while coaching you with customizable sights and sounds.

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Me/Mos (Me Moments)

encourages you to take fun, scheduled, purposeful breaks - opportunities to mind Yourself.

Three Simple Habits

What's in the box:

- minder  Clip/Pocket Watch for Apple Watch series 3, 4, & 5

- minder  Necklace for Apple Watch series 3, 4, & 5

- Charging Stand for iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods

- Travel Case

- Access to minder  iOS App

 for Apple Watch

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