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Laptop Tower Stand

There is no healthy way to work on a laptop. That is, a laptop without a stand. We understand how convenient they are, so we created a stand so you can continue using your laptop, but in a way that is not detrimental to your posture.

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles by Ken Rosenblood, a veteran healthcare executice and inventor, obVus is a tech company that focuses on developing user-friendly products to change behavior and condition healthy habits. With a successful track record of pioneering multi-billion dollar platforms, Ken realized that as consumers are tasked with finding ways to work and study from home, there was an opportunity to provide them with tools to help them build better habits, from practicing good posture and nutrition to the management of stress and other healthy behaviors. obVus was born.

At obVus, we define optimum wellness, performance and focus as having established positive habits in five key categories: mindfulness, nutrition, movement, sleep and our approach to habits themselves.

For mindfulness, focus and being in the present, breathwork is essential. Everyone should develop a breathing practice. The brain weighs about 2% of our body weight yet requires 25% of our oxygen. Breath work decreases cortisol supporting stress resilience, increases healthy hormones and endorphins, while activating the parasympathetic nervous system to operate in a state of stasis shutting down the flight, fight or freeze response of the sympathetic nervous system. Science now supports that wellness, performance, and focus are all promoted by breathwork.

For nutrition, hydration is key and the use of electronic reminders from our minder smart app all day long reminds us to drink water.

Our products include:

minder® for Apple Watch BUY NOW

minder® for Apple Watch is a 5x patented wearable device and UX which utilizes real-time biofeedback to visually condition healthy posture and mindful breathing. It is the first health and wellness wearable designed to be worn on multiple locations on the body for increased functionality and improved accuracy. It monitors healthy and optimal postural positions, respiratory patterns, heart rate, activity, and skin temperature, providing insight into key health metrics.

Laptop Tower Stand BUY NOW

There is no healthy way to work on a laptop. That is, a laptop without a stand. We understand how convenient they are, so we created an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable stand that turns a laptop into a sit/stand/desk, named “Best Laptop Stand” by Wired magazine in 2020 and 2021 as well as many more health and tech publications (see our press page for a complete list)

Ergonomic Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard BUY NOW

Switch through 3-Devices for Android Tablets,
Smartphones, Laptops and PC

The smooth action bluetooth keyboard allows for an effortless typing experience 100% similar to a standard keyboard. Our unique ergonomic technology provides responsive keystrokes on the lightest touch relieving any unneeded stress while typing for a seamless experience.

minderPRO® BUY NOW

This platform allows certified health coaches and physicians to personalize a wellness program for every person using minder. The platform has two interfaces, one for the wearer (mindee) and one for the health coach. The health coach has real-time insight into vital health information of the mindee and a two-way private communication tool between them.

Healthy Habits in the Form of ME/Mos

Ken practices daily mindfulness and follows the advice from Flicka, Dicka, Ricka (a classic Swedish children’s book) that a job worth doing is well done once. For many years he thought going at it full throttle, 24/7, was the only way to succeed. He now breaks every two hours minimum. And when he does take the step of clearing his mind — by breathing in cadence, envisioning the ocean tide or going for a silent walk — he invariably comes back to the task at hand with a fresh new perspective. Ken has applied this learning into product development for the minder app with a feature we call "ME/Mos" or "Me Moments". These are "mindful moments" that the user can customize and schedule to prompt meaningful "ME/Mos" throughout the day — anything from a 10-minute brisk walk, to a quick stretch — to help relieve stress and build better health.

Inspired by Hard-Working Grandparents

While all of Ken’s grandparents were each uniquely valuable in helping him develop the curiosity, confidence and skills to become a successful entrepreneur, there is one story in particular that set him firmly on the path to where he is today. When he was 7, he asked his grandfather in California how he, too, could become an inventor. His advice to him was to find something that needed improvement. After careful thought, and since the family ping pong table had just collapsed on him, he thought that a redesign of that table was in order. Ken was extremely dyslexic at the time and when he sat down at his desk to design the ping pong table improvements, he was very reluctant to put pencil to paper. With the level of patience that only comes with age and experience, his grandfather showed him how to use grid paper, a ruler, and scale to bring his vision of a better ping pong table to life. And while he remembers being especially proud of the inlayed drawers for storage of paddles and balls, most importantly, he learned that day that he was capable of accomplishing whatever he put his mind to. He also learned to never let a label like “learning challenge” hold him back in any way from working towards his dreams.

Core Values:

Knowledge | Empowerment | Dependability | Resilience | Humor


To disrupt the healthcare industry and solve the current health crisis by providing technology to teach and condition healthy habits through personalized coaching


To build a happier and healthier world through mindful posture, breathing, coaching and technology


  • October 2020: Obtained Fifth patent for Posture & Deep Breathing Improvement Device, System & Method.
  • September 2020: Rated Best Overall by WIRED for Best Laptop Stand to Save Your Neck
  • August 1, 2020: minder for Apple Watch Release Date
  • May 2020: Obtained Fourth Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method
  • June 2019: Obtained Third Patent for Posture and Deep Breathing Improvement Device System and Method
  • November 2018: Medical Advisory Board Formed
  • September 2018: Won Best Mobile Product at the 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards
  • September 2018: Obtained Second Patent for Posture & Deep Breathing Improvement Device System & Method
  • September 2017: Obtained First Patent for Posture Improvement Device System and Method
  • October 2015: File Date for First Patent
  • August 2013: Ken wakes up from shoulder surgery and has an idea

Our Team

Ken Rosenblood


Ken Rosenblood is the founder of obVus Solutions. He has a proven successful track record of pioneering multi-billion dollar PaaS/SaaS platforms supporting dental and healthcare practices. He began developing the early stages of what was to become obVus Solutions in 2014.

Tushar Puri


Tushar has served as obVus' CTO since 2015. He has an MBA from USC and over 20 years of expertise in developing customer focuses software solutions at both Disney and GE.

Jamie Rosenblood


Jamie works as obVus' Chief Financial Officer. She graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in accounting and went on to work as an accountant for Disney.

Mark Kawamoto


Mark is the COO of obVus Solutions. He has over 25 years of healthcare market experience building and leading world class operations, marketing and sales organizations. Mark has an MBA from INSEAD.