Why You Need to Shift from Resolutions to Results: Embrace Wellness in 2024!

Why You Need to Shift from Resolutions to Results: Embrace Wellness in 2024!

Let's be real, setting those ambitious goals in January only to abandon ship by February has become an exasperating tradition. Whether it’s to lose weight, get out of debt, pursue a coveted hobby, socialize more, or something else, for many, making New Year's resolutions is part of the festivities. The reality is that over 90% of New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned by February.(1) So, why not break free from the cycle of defeat and embrace a more sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle?


Resolutions often feel like a setup for failure. We declare war on our bad habits, armed with a list of promises we rarely keep. Instead of setting ourselves up for disappointment, let's shift our focus to results and a daily commitment to well-being.

 If you believe that you can only change on the first of the year — the inherent message of New Year’s resolutions — you will have to wait a whole year before you get another shot.  Instead of listing an abstract goal like “lose weight,” think of specific small steps you can take, every day, that will have the same result. If you fail at any of these small steps — which you inevitably will — brush it off, and realize that failure and recovery is part of any process. Don’t tie your list to any specific date, and don’t wait a year to start again when you slip up.


Why are New Year’s resolutions guaranteed to fail? (2)

  • Your behaviors are not just simple habits, they’re a complex product of your personality and temperament, as well as your various emotional and physical needs.
  • Avoidance is an especially devious trickster. When you avoid something that makes you anxious or uncomfortable (e.g. that email inbox with 2,300 emails) you immediately are rewarded by a decrease in anxiety. If you face the thing that you’ve been avoiding, you immediately experience an increase in distress. In the long run, it's quite the opposite. Persistent avoidance increases overall anxiety significantly. And facing things you’ve been avoiding eventually leads to a sustainable decrease in tension and anxiety. 
  • Giving up behaviors that make you feel better (eating, drinking, smoking) is difficult for obvious reasons. What are you going to give yourself when you feel bad if you can’t do what makes you feel better? How are you going to handle the overloaded feeling at the end of the day that makes you want to relax with a drink or the sense of deprivation that makes eating so satisfying? Additionally, any behavior that provides a reward leads to a compelling surge in the brain's neurotransmitter dopamine, something we are wired to want to repeat.
  • Taking on new behaviors that haven’t come naturally to you means you’re swimming upstream, against your own temperament, your body’s natural instincts. 

The psychology behind New Year’s resolutions is faulty. Resolutions can't lead to sustainable behavior change because they are not constructed in a way that harnesses motivation and turns it into action and change. (2) 

Resolutions focus on issues that require significant changes, and if the plans fail to materialize, that could trigger feelings of failure and inadequacy. Focusing on problems or insecurities can lead to feelings of hopelessness, low self-esteem, and even mild depression. It’s therefore not surprising that when we fail to keep resolutions, we end up feeling worse than when we started. (3)

Now, let's talk about the wellness revolution! Enter obVus Solutions' minder app – your trusty sidekick on the journey to a healthier, happier you. Why rely on fleeting resolutions when you can have a reliable companion guiding you every day? minder isn't just an app; it's a lifestyle coach right in your pocket.

woman using minder app in park

Instead of feeling defeated because you couldn't keep up with your resolution, imagine celebrating daily wins with minder. Track your activities, monitor your mindfulness, and witness the positive changes in your well-being unfold.  By customizing your goals and tracking progress, the app encourages a more realistic and achievable approach to well-being. It's not about a grand gesture on New Year's Day; it's about the consistent effort you put in every day.

One of the main pitfalls of resolutions is their generic nature. "Get fit," "eat healthy," sound familiar? These vague goals lack the specificity needed for success. With minder, you can customize your wellness journey. Set achievable daily targets, monitor your progress, and revel in the satisfaction of achieving realistic milestones.

screenshot ot minder app

Let's address the defeated feeling that often accompanies broken resolutions. It's demoralizing, right? With minder, you'll experience fundamental changes. The app fosters a positive environment, focusing on your accomplishments rather than dwelling on setbacks. This negative mindset can hinder progress. After all, success breeds motivation. So swap out the typical New Year's resolutions for daily acts of self-care.

woman using minder water tracker and drinking water

minder is your all-in-one wellness solution. It has mastered the art of technology-based wellness. Effortlessly improve your life with posture adjustments, guided breathwork, healthy daily habits, sleep tracking, and so much more. minder easily connects to your Apple Watch and AirPods Pro for a hands-free experience. Let's focus on embracing results, cultivating a healthier way of life, and making every day a step towards a better you.

Resolutions may be yesterday's news, but results are timeless. With minder by obVus Solutions, you're not just making promises; you're creating a lifestyle that celebrates your victories, big and small. By redirecting our focus from resolutions to daily acts of self-care, we can create a sustainable lifestyle that celebrates success without the pressure of unattainable goals. Cheers to a new year filled with meaningful progress and a healthier, more mindful you. Download minder now


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