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Without the proper ergonomic tools, the process of integrating wellness during work hours can be daunting and overwhelming

Our work well products are expertly designed to help keep your workdays pain-free. Effortlessly incorporate obVus products to reduce stress and increase productivity, without disrupting your daily routine.

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The Gymba Active Board by obVus Solutions in BlackWoman standing on Gymba Active Board with text showing Benefits of standing desk
Sale price¥27,000 Regular price¥31,800
minder App - Accessory Stand, Necklace and ClipMinder For Apple Devices
Sale price¥8,000 Regular price¥16,000
minder Laptop Tower Standminder Laptop Tower Stand -Grey
Sale price¥12,000 Regular price¥16,000
minder Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboardminder Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard - obVus Solutions LLC
Sale price¥3,200 Regular price¥8,000
HAG Capisco Chair - obVus Solutions LLCRedFront Best Posture Chair
Sale priceFrom ¥167,400 Regular price¥254,500

Work Well with an obVus Workstation

laptop stand for multipurpose

The Best Posture Chair

minder Laptop Tower Stand 2.0

minder Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

minder Laptop Tower Stand

Work Well with an obVus Workstation Work Well with an obVus Workstation Work Well with an obVus Workstation Work Well with an obVus Workstation Work Well with an obVus Workstation

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May help with the symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, stress and pain associated with anxiety and bad posture.

Webby Awards

obVus Solutions wins a Webby Award for Best App and Wearable


Elevate your laptop to eye level with the best laptop stand available to the market.


Ergonomically a must have to fix your posture. Perfect for a lifestyle on the go or at home office.


Extremely useful for remote workers or someone looking to upgrade their office.