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Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA – June 20, 2020

Today, obVus Solutions® [ob-vee-uhs] announced the launch of minder® for Apple Watch, a 4x patented wearable device and mobile app that utilizes real-time biofeedback to coach and condition healthy posture, mindful breathing and purposeful breaks.

obVus Solutions’ minder® for Apple Watch was recently honored with Best Mobile Product at the 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards, which honors innovation and leadership in all things mobile technology, entertainment and lifestyle.

minder® for Apple Watch is the first health and wellness solution designed to condition healthy posture and mindful breathing through visual, audio, and haptic (vibrating) biofeedback. minder® can be worn at multiple locations on the body for increased functionality and better accuracy. With minder® for Apple Watch, not only are you coached to more mindful posture and breathing, but you can build a custom plan around your mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, and sleep goals. Whether it is more water intake, better cardio workouts, breaks for meditation, or a more regular sleep schedule, minder® for Apple Watch supports the habits you want to build your wellness around.

“obVus was created out of a need to coach people to change their behaviors around health and wellness. minder® helps you take control of daily stresses caused by our technology-dominated lifestyle,” states Ken Rosenblood CEO & Founder of obVus Solutions. “With the information age and personal technology becoming more advanced, minder® for Apple Watch starts with coaching the three most basic of habits: posture, breathing, and breaks.”

minder for Apple Watch is available today at or on Amazon.


About obVus Solutions:

obVus Solutions [ob-vee-uhs] is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness company on a mission to change health outcomes utilizing coaching, technology, and ourselves. We have created a fully integrated platform to help people take control of their health and wellness. Our first solution, minder® for Apple Watch is a 4x patented wearable device and method which coaches posture, breathing, and breaks.


PR & Media Contact for obVus Solutions:

Mark Kawamoto


T: 310.880.0663

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