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How to Tame your Monkey Mind

Your mind often bounces around with worries, regrets, the bills you’ve yet to pay or all of the errands on your to do list. It doesn’t help that our day-to-day is bombarded by abstractions through our smartphones and digitally connected lifestyles. Buddhism has come up with a simple practice that can help calm down our hurried minds.

One of the most important Buddhist practices is that of Anapanasati. Anapanasati is the practice of calming the mind through the mindfulness of breathing. The simple act of concentrating on your breath, a natural process that requires no control or thought or habit changes, that can quickly help one gain tranquility.

Watch this quick two minute video from Mingyur Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Master, explaining the Monkey Mind and the power of breathing.

An alternative and more widely recognized practice is Pranayama. Most yoga practitioners will recognize this as the 4th limb of Yoga. As opposed to Anapanasati which is the need to mind your breath, Pranayama is the practice of actively controlling your breath.

One of the most popular pranayamas is the 4-7-8 technique espoused by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Try a quick breathing Me/Mo to experience the calming effect of diaphragmatic breathing.

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